Research Interests

Computational/ theoretical neuroscience, machine intelligence. Frameworks and representations for understanding the world.

Publications, Preprints


"Constellation: Learning relational abstractions over objects for compositional imagination " [paper]

JCR Whittington, R Kabra, L Matthey, CP Burgess, A Lerchner

arXiv, 2021


"The Tolman-Eichenbaum Machine: Unifying space and relational memory through generalisation in the hippocampal formation " [paper] [code]

JCR Whittington, TH Muller, S Mark, G Chen, C Barry, N Burgess, TEJ Behrens

Cell, 2020


"Theories of error back-propagation in the brain " [paper]

JCR Whittington, R Bogacz

Trends in cognitive sciences, 2019


"What is a cognitive map? Organising knowledge for flexible behaviour " [paper]

TEJ Behrens, TH Muller, JCR Whittington, S Mark, AB Baram, KL Stachenfeld, Z Kurth-Nelson

Neuron, 2018

"Generalisation of structural knowledge in the hippocampal-entorhinal system " [paper] [code]

JCR Whittington, TH Muller, S Mark, C Barry, TEJ Behrens

Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, 2018

"Intuitive planning: global navigation through cognitive maps based on grid-like codes " [paper]

AB Baram, TH Muller, JCR Whittington, TEJ Behrens

bioRxiv, 2018


"An approximation of the error backpropagation algorithm in a predictive coding network with local hebbian synaptic plasticity " [paper, code]

JCR Whittington, R Bogacz

Neural computation, 2017